Minisode 82.5 / 83.5: Two Minis Are Better Than One

Well, there's been quite a lot to talk about lately, hasn't there? So much so that in the weeks between our V For Vendetta and X-Men: The Last Stand episodes, we've ended up gathering to record not one, but TWO minisodes. And our schedules being what they are, we didn't actually manage to edit and release the first one before that Captain Marvel trailer came out and we had to record the second. So welcome back the trusty old "Megasode" format, as first Joe and Seb get together to talk about all that Henry Cavill speculation, Supergirl and Sabrina, before James then gets in on the act to talk all things Captain Marvel and the new MCU telly slate.

Plus! We catch up on not one, but TWO weeks worth of pitches that James definitely spent time preparing for. All of this, and we haven't even got on to Joker yet...


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