LIVE Minisode: The MCU Domino Effect

It’s our first ever live minisode! Well, it’s not live any more, but it was live when we recorded it. Essentially, after the success and enjoyment of our Live Infinity War Watchalong on Friday night, we realised that this streaming lark could actually be a good way of doing news minisodes. Particularly when there’s quite immediate and pressing news (the MCU rescheduling) that we could try and get released quite quickly, with no editing. So what you’re hearing now is the unedited audio from a video livestream that Seb and James did on Saturday night, which was watched on YouTube by a surprising number of regulars, who were commenting and chatting along the way (which is why we were able to read out and react to what they were saying).

Mindful that we were also planning to put it out on the podcast feed (with no edits), we’ve tried to ensure that the things that were seen onscreen were also read out – but if there are any instances where it’s not clear what we’re talking about, apologies!

You can also watch the video version of this minisode at

And if you want to watch a replay of our live watchalong of Infinity War in all its three-hours glory, with special guests Caroline, Joe and Amon (we're not putting the audio of that out after all, as there's too much that won't really work without the visual cues), that’s over here:

Thanks to everyone who backs us on Patreon, for enabling us to do things like this, and do let us know whether or not you think they’re working well!


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