Episode 105: The Addams Family (1991) & Addams Family Values (1993)

It’s our first ever Halloween Special! And by “special”, we mean it’s just a two-hander with Seb and James, and there’s no news, and we’re covering two movies in a shorter space of time than we’d normally afford to one movie. But there are good reasons for all of this, and we’re delighted to be talking about this pair of seminal early ‘90s black comedy films that happen to be based on a comic strip (although spoilers, one of them is much, much better than the other).Rounding off the episode, meanwhile, we spend far longer than we intended to explaining and outlining our position on HBO’s Watchmen TV show, and specifically why we’re not watching/covering it and What Our Whole Deal Is Anyway. We weren’t necessarily going to do this, but a few of you asked, so what we’ve done is stick it at the end where you can switch off if you really don’t want to hear it… - 00:00 – Intro / Explain a Concept - 13:45 – Movie Discussion - 69:35 – Watchmen DiscussionCinematic Universe is supported by the generosity of our backers on Patreon, who also get to hear episodes ad-free along with occasional bonus content! Check out our page and consider subscribing at patreon.com/cinematicuniverseYou can find our comic book movie themed merch designs at Redbubble, and follow us on Twitter @cine_verse. 

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