Episode 82: Spawn (1997)

It's safe to say that even by the low standards of "comic book movies from 1997", Spawn is not a particularly well-regarded film. But you know us, we always like to look for the good in things, from Howard the Duck to The Punisher. Were we able to similarly find something to enjoy about the adaptation of Todd McFarlane's early-90s-defining Image series? The answer... won't shock you, actually, because seriously, this is just a terrible, terrible movie. But hopefully you'll enjoy hearing us talk about it anyway, because we had plenty to unpick.

Meanwhile, in the absence of much news (and hey, Alec Baldwin managed to become Thomas Wayne and then not be Thomas Wayne any more during the time between recording this and releasing it) Seb and James take a trip into Comics Corner to fill Joe in on what's been going on in the funny pages since the last time!


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