Bonus Episode: February 2018 News Special

With an extra week's wait before you get our Black Panther episode, we thought we'd get together for a quick news episode in the meantime. Spoilers: it ended up not being that quick.

We look at trailers for Deadpool 2 and Venom (we liked one and not the other, SEE IF YOU CAN GUESS WHICH), the Infinity War publicity's continuing absence of Hawkeye, the Marvel Studios 10 Years photo, the Jessica Jones season 2 trailer, Joaquin Phoenix's rumoured Joker casting, Michael Bay's rumoured Lobo movie, the possibility of Tessa Thompson playing a rebooted Kick-Ass, and Stitcher's Wolverine: The Long Night scripted podcast.

And while there's not a pitch segment this time around, you do get to hear which comedians James thinks should play Batman and the Joker. It's probably not the ones you would expect.


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