Awards Special: The Cuppies 2017 (Part One)

Because we haven't argued enough in 2017 already, it's that time again: the CINEMATIC UNIVERSE END-OF-YEAR-AWARDS! Or, as Joe has decided to call them this year, "The Cuppies". He's joined by Seb and James to talk through the best (and indeed the not-so-best) of the films and shows we discussed in 2017. As usual, it's a long chat, so we've done it in two parts - in this first half, you'll hear us cover:

02:15 - Best Supporting Actor 11:16 - Best Costume 21:11 - Best Score 28:10 - Best Couple 39:06 - Best New Film 48:13 - Best Hero 61:11 - Best TV Show 73:32 - Best Casting 84:32 - Best Song

Come back next week for the rest of the awards, including the coveted Howard T Duck Award, Best Film and new Hall of Fame inductees!


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