BEE-lieve It or Not! Bees Count, Dream and Even Recognize You

Bees solve puzzles, have distinct personalities and play with balls like a puppy. Zoologist Lars Chittka reveals amazing new discoveries about the mind of a honeybee and what a bee’s consciousness means for us humans. Plus, we investigate the mysterious phenomenon of bee heists; Sylvan Mishima Brackett, chef-owner of Rintaro, shares the secrets to perfect hot spring eggs and ruby grapefruit jelly; Alex Aïnouz searches for the perfect paella; and we bake Basque Country’s burnished cheesecake.

Get this week’s recipe for Basque Style Cheesecake here.

Get Sylvan’s Mishima Brackett’s recipe for Gurepufurutsu Zeri (Ruby Grapefruit Kanten Jelly) here.

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