Playing with Purcell (in Norway)

In a Norway as snowy as 'The Cold Scene' from King Arthur, Robert and new regular presenter Nicholas Mulroy work with friend and violinist, Bjarte Eike - the creative playboy behind Barokksolistene and The Alehouse Boys - and find that play has a serious place in music-making.

Purcell - Curtain Tune (Timon of Athens) - The Alehouse Sessions / Barokksolistene

Purcell - Hole in the wall (Abdelazar) - The Alehouse Sessions / Barokksolistene 

Playford - Wallom Green - The Alehouse Sessions / Barokksolistene 

Purcell - Ah Belinda - Dido and Aeneas - Catherine Bott / Academy of Ancient Music

Purcell - Urge me no more - Anna Dennis (Stour Music Live)

Monteverdi - Zefiro torna (a 2) - SWEET TORMENT Nicholas Mulroy / Nicholas Hurndall Smith 

Monteverdi - Zefiro torna (a 5) - SWEET TORMENT / I Fagiolini 

Monteverdi - Volgendo il ciel - FLAMING HEART / I Fagiolini

Anon - Haul away, Jo - The Alehouse Sessions / Barokksolistene

Castello - Sonata in D minor - Monteverdi: The Other Vespers - Bjarte Eike, Lynda Sayce, Robert Hollingworth

Purcell - Adagio & Glittering Queen - The Playhouse Sessions / Barokksolistene

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