Forever blowing bubbles

Robert and Eamonn finally meet and talk: commissioning, a South African project 25 years on and at the National Youth Girls Choir course introduce Carris Jones (the first female back row singer at St Paul's Cathedral) and Joanna Tomlinson. Also why you should blow bubbles into your drinks after all.


Monkitsi Seoketsa - uJehova

I Fagiolini / SDASA Chorale

Mendelssohn - Hear my prayer

St.Paul's Cathedral Choir and choristers from over the UK / Andrew Carwood (dir) / Nathaniel Morley (treble)

Patrick Gowers - Viri Galilaei (final section)

Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge / Stephen Layton (dir) / Harrison Cole (organ)

Joanna Marsh - A short story of falling

National Youth Girls Choir of GB / Joanna Tomlinson (dir) / Michael Higgins (piano)

David Bednall - Lux orta est iusto

Epiphoni Consort / Tim Reader

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