Back in the saddle

Robert and Nicholas meet up after a few weeks off to mispronounce Norwegian (twice), talk Monteverdi (again) and to 'get Marian' with Victoria (natch) Song of Songs and Cecilia McDowall.

Te' Jondalen Og Fri

Trad.etter Ivar T.Dahl / Agnes Buen Garnds Arr.Henrik Ødegaard / Grete P.Helgerød

Oslo Chamber Choir / Grete Pedersen

Cecilia McDowall - There is no rose

The Oxford Choir / Ben Parry

Claudio Monteverdi - Vuoi vi doleste (L'Orfeo Act V)

Marc Mauillon (Orfeo), Le Concert des Nations / Jordi Savall

Tomás Luis de Victoria - Vadam et circuibo

Oxford Camerata - Jeremy Summerly

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