Slate Session 301: The Bean Path - Major Tech Engineering Hub to Grow Networks and Fertilize Communities

On this special Slate Sessions episode, I sit down with Dr. Nashlie Sephus, Tech Evangelist for Amazon AI and Founder/CEO of The Bean Path, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to sow technical expertise in order to grow networks and fertilize communities, to talk about her upbringing, entrepreneurship and her passion for promoting tech growth in her community.

Dr. Sephus formerly led the Amazon Visual Search team as an Applied Scientist in Atlanta, which launched visual search for replacement parts on the Amazon Shopping app in June 2018. In 2018, Dr. Sephus became the founder and CEO of The Bean Path non-profit organization based in Jackson, MS assisting individuals and startups with technical expertise and guidance. In September of 2020, she became the owner and developer of the Jackson Tech District—14-acres of mixed-use commercial real-estate in downtown Jackson—to bring tech training and workforce/economic development to the area.

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