MDE's Early College High School Program (with Wendy Clemons and Dr. Lea Johnson)

Early College High School is a unique concept that provides an innovative way for students to get a jumpstart on their after-high school journey. Dr. Tara Y. Wren talks to Ms. Wendy Clemons and Dr. Lea Johnson from the Mississippi Department of Education about this program that helps propel middle and high school students toward a career and/or college degree.

Early College High Schools are small schools that are usually located on a community college campus. It is a four-year program designed to provide students with a non-traditional high school experience. When they graduate, they could receive both a high school diploma, and either a career tech certificate or an associate's degree. They can also earn credits toward a bachelor’s degree.

Listen in on this conversation and see if this unique learning experience is one you want to explore for students in your home or community.

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