Teasing: Mae West 'She Done Him Wrong' (1932)

Mae West is remembered for her cracking one-liners but she was a helluva writer too. Guest: Dr Muireann O’Cinnéide.


  • Her sexual persona that she creates in the film She Done Him Wrong means the Irish censors interpret this book as essentially indecent. Aoife Bhreatnach
  • One of the things West seems to thinking about in the novel is: how do you replace that immediate kind of visual vivid iconography with a kind of a linguistic equivalent? Dr Muireann O’Cinnéide
  • It’s really quite a vivid rendering of a particularly ugly, corrupt world in which both crime, politics, money, and sex and alcohol are all very deeply intertwined. Dr Muireann O’Cinnéide


Muireann’s previous censored appearance


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