Riotous: The Playboy of the Western World (1907) Part 2

After debating the play in part 1, myself and Dr Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston move onto the riots. It’s a wild ride, from the grumblings on opening night to the full-throated disorder of the following week. We pay special attention to Mr Overcoat, whose drunken antics injected absurdity to a rambunctious protest.


  • The disruptions make this play run for hours – it’s a three act comedy that 70 or 80 minutes in performance but this event goes for 3 hours. Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston
  • It all descends into pots calling kettles sexually disordered. Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston
  • The Abbey has a different function to commercial theatre, it’s trying to promote an image of Ireland, it’s representing Ireland and it’s almost asking for democratic feedback. Aoife Bhreatnach


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