Riotous: The Playboy of the Western World (1907) Part 1

The Playboy Riots were a notoriously rowdy series of audience protests in the Abbey Theatre. The patrons were so offended by The Playboy of the Western World their loud singing and heckling drowned out the actors. Why did this play, at this time, provoke such a reaction? Part 1 of a deep-dive with Dr Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston into an infamous moment in Irish cultural history.


  • Christy is swinging his loy about in a very virile way that seems to suggest his iconoclastic sexual vitality. Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston
  • And then there’s Schrodinger’s parricide. Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston
  • Synge presents them as a bunch of inbred country bumpkins practicing clerically sanctioned incest. Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston


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