Indecent images: Harry Clarke and Georges Rouault

Moving pictures (de filums) were heavily censored but the state didn’t officially scrutinise other visual art forms. Censure by covert means was the preferred method to control subversive art. Guest: Dr Róisín Kennedy author of Art and the nation state: the reception of modern art in Ireland (2021)


·     Part of the emotional response comes from a sense that modern art is conning us, hoodwinking us. Dr Róisín Kennedy

·     Censorship culture made access to visual art elitist. Dr Róisín Kennedy

·     The production of art in Ireland was directly affected by censorship in that artists produced landscapes as opposed to nudes. Dr Róisín Kennedy


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Harry Clarke ‘Geneva Window’


George Rouault ‘Christ and the Soldier’ (1930)

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