Evil Literature: languages of censorship

The pro-censorship lobby produced a rich and often hilarious polemic. Dr Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston joins me to talk effluent, tainted minds and ‘race suicide’. We also debate whether censorship was more of a moral panic than a conspiracy theory.

  • Alongside the priests, there are a lot of politicians in these debates where they use rhetoric of censorship to express profound and disturbed Anglophobia. Aoife Bhreatnach
  • D.P. Moran would have thrived in today’s internet culture, he would have been the king of Twitter. Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston
  • If you are looking for filth in everything you read, you will find filth. Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston
  • Watching Irish politicians figure out who to blame for venereal disease after the British garrison has gone is so funny. Lloyd (Maedhbh) Houston

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