EP20 Mental Health: Love Island and Parenthood w/ Marcel Somerville

In episode 20 Dr Jorge Palacios talks to Marcel Somerville about the impact media can have on mental health and being a new parent. Marcel Somerville was originally best known for his role in the 00s boyband band, Blazin’ Squad. In 2017 he appeared in the third series of ITV’s hit reality show Love Island. Love Island went on to exceed all expectations in terms of demand, with Marcel having his own book deal for ‘Doctor Marcel’ and signing a contract with Boohoo Man. Marcel is also a keen and talented songwriter, producer and DJ. He recently started a new podcast ‘It’s not all Dad’ – which follows him and two of his two friends as they navigate the world of parenthood. In this podcast episode we'll further explore Marcel's mental health story - from experiencing disappointment at a young age, to being in the spotlight and navigating parenthood.

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