EP16 Endurance Sports and Mental Health with Conor O'Keeffe

Conor O’Keeffe is an ultra endurance athlete and speaker on mindset and wellbeing. He joins Dr Jorge Palacios on CBTalks to discuss the importance of mental fitness and resilience in achieving epic physical challenges.

Conor has achieved incredible athletic feats such as winning the Enduroman 200mile race in 2019, passing RTE's Ultimate Hell Week which sees brave civilians undertake a gruelling physical and mental challenge designed by Ireland's Special Forces, and his upcoming challenge to run 32 marathons, across 32 counties of Ireland in 32 days, carrying a 32lbs weighted vest.

Where to find more about Conor O'Keeffe:

  • Conor has his own podcast 'Flip The Script' available on all of your favourite podcast platforms.
  • You can follow Conor's journey on Instagram: @cokeeffe

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