Achtung! Millwall 161: Millwall 2-2 Middlesbrough 04.08.18

Nothing tells the story of what it’s like being a Millwall supporter than a 97th minute opposition equaliser for ‘Boro in what had been, until the 87th minute, an almost routine winning situation for the Lions.

Lessons to be learned? Don’t give up naive goals against multi-million pound opponents would be my main ‘take’ from the situation.

Dear listeners, welcome back to the 2018-19 series of Achtung! Millwall podcasts. There are many Millwall shows out there now and that is all good from my point of view, but I do try to make this one a little bit different. Rather like the club itself, the stereotype is always easy. Harder to be yourself in this world, but we continue to strive to be so. I hope you like it.

Tune in to an interesting half time interview with the @Trek92 boys - Craig and Adam - who drove the full 92 league clubs in 98 hours in aid of Prostate Cancer

Arrivederci Millwall



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