Achtung! Millwall 99: Millwall 1-0 Southend United FA Cup R1 04.11.16

As the Duke of Wellington once said about Waterloo, 'it was a close run thing, damn close ...' so it was with Millwall's progression to the second round of the 2016-17 FA Cup last Friday night.

A finely balanced third division match, eventually tipping the Lions' way thanks to a late strike by Mahlon Romeo worthy of a far higher level.

Listeners, this week's show also includes an excellent report and follow up opinion piece by Micky of the AMS on Millwall supporter Sean McCarthy's incredible annual efforts on behalf of the Poppy Appeal. Apologies for any sound issues on that section, please do stay with it however as in my humble opinion, it is well worth it. Big thank you to Micky for submitting it, much appreciated.

Up the Lions.

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