Achtung! Millwall 106: Scunthorpe United 3-0 Millwall 17.12.16

There is such a thing as the 'Scunthorpe Problem'. This is where email security measures pick up obscene or profane words mixed into perfectly normal everyday words or place names. Can you spot the offending four letter term dear listener?

Millwall suffered their own version of the Scunny issue yesterday when three errors conceded a game that they were in with a chance of competing in. If it wasn't for those pesky three basic errors, we would have gotten away with it.

Fantabulous match coverage comes courtesy of Dan Goodwin (@tv_lions) plus an interesting conversation with Millwall fan and author Garry Robson (@GazKrak) about the latest addition to the London Large crime novel series (londonlarge,com - visit for a free download of the first novel)

DJ Rany O Mizer's three nostalgic years on this show are 1985 - 1973 - 1885 - and finally we close out with comment and analysis of this week's ongoing Lewisham Council farce - sorry adjournment meeting - with Micky AMS (@A_M_S_Group)

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