Achtung! Millwall 149: Burton Albion 0-1 Millwall 24.02.18

The old wartime RAF slang saying ‘gone for a Burton’ came to mind at times yesterday. 

By Neil Harris’s own admission, the hard-fought 1-0 win at the glamorously named but humbly fitted Pirelli Stadium, was some way from the Lions’ best. 

A long way in fact - but the mark of a strong side is winning ugly and we certainly did that yesterday.

By contrast, relegation haunted Burton Albion will feel these were three vital points lost, as they had the better of the closing stages of the first half and missed a series of plum chances to take the lead.

As it was, new winger Ben Marshall connected some part of his body - possibly his head - on to Jed Wallace’s 61st minute cross to hand Millwall a critical goal and ultimately our fourth win in succession. 

Dare we start to dream of a play-off finish? Bristol City in sixth place are now just seven points away ... like the Greek legend of Tantalus, it’s close but so far away.

Of course the wheels of the Zampa Road bandwagon can come off quicker than the old Wacky Races’ Arkansas Chuggabug, but we are hitting form at just the right time. “Dream baby dream” is what at Achtung! Millwall GHQ say ... 

This week’s show includes the usual stream of consciousness from the Pirelli by yours truly; and some post-match Sunday Morning Nightmare reviewing of the online comment that caught my eye.

Keep your eyes out for some big news on the old Twitter that I hope to make this week about the show. Can’t say much more till all confirmed as, if it doesn’t come off, I shall look like a prize prune. Mind you as a bloke who mumbles into his iPhone during the course of the match, since when did looking a lemon stop me?

Link to the Isla Caton appeal - all contributions massively appreciated:

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