Achtung! Millwall 114: Millwall 1-0 Leicester City 18.02.17 FAC5

Over 18,000 were witness to a truly historic day at Zampa Road yesterday as the reigning Premier League champions were overcome by a 10 man Millwall side demonstrating the grit, resilience and never say die blood that runs through our club's veins.

A wonderful, wonderful team performance that can stand alongside any of the great days of our club.

Today's episode includes in-game comment with the AMS's Micky Simpson, as well as international man of mystery 'Swiss Tony'. Our thanks go to him for all of his work on behalf of our club in its hour of greatest need.

Post match analysis this week is with show regular Harry Warren, huge thank you to him.

This week's show is dedicated to young Sophie Powell, the brave young lady who sadly passed away to cancer recently. Our thoughts go out to her family. We hope yesterday's immense performance was an appropriate one for her dear memory.

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