Achtung! Millwall 274: the Phil Walker interview

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a very special edition of Achtung! Millwall with myself Nick Hart, I am joined in the chair for a very special edition by ‘When Saturday Comes’ writer Mr Neil Andrews for this special interview with Phil Walker.

With 162 appearances and 21 goals for the Lions between 1975-79, a wonderfully skilful and intelligent midfielder, the scorer of a fantastic breakaway goal in a 4-2 win at The Valley in 1979, the owner of and one of my personal Millwall heroes.

To get a sense of the talent of Phil, please look at this fantastic 2-0 win over Peterborough during our promotion run of 1976:

Huge thanks to Phil for taking the time to speak with us.

Arrivederci Millwall


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