Achtung! Millwall 190: Millwall 0-0 Stoke City safety (in the end) edition

So breath again dear listeners, I will confess that when I got back to the car and checked the latest score from the Hawthorns, the 0-1 to Rotherham scoreline sorely tested my faith in the Lions ability to stay in the Championship.

In the end however, it all worked out okay as late goals for the Baggies sank the Millers and confirmed our second tier status for another season. As this week's show mentions however, survival raises as many questions as relegation might have answered.

Just as in life, so too in the Championship, the person or organisation that stands still is in reality moving backwards. So a summer clear out and rebuilding for August is now surely a priority for Neil Harris - presuming he stays in post of course ...

For now however, may I recommend enjoying some Chateau Evans pink champagne and savour another season of Championship football ahead in 2019-20. Arrivederci Millwall ...




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