Achtung! Millwall 148: Millwall 1-1 Cardiff City 09.02.18

Thanks to the miracle of Sky TV’s global coverage, Millwall’s Friday night fighting 1-1 draw at home to Cardiff City will have reached many diverse locations from Bombay, to Santa Fe and Milan to Yucatan. All viewers will have been awed by the footballing spectacle they beheld from South Bermondsey.

#TheReturn of Tim Cahill in the 89th minute was in truth, slightly overshadowed by the full blooded contest played out by both Bluebirds manager Neil Warnock and club legend Neil Harris’s charges. It was certainly a typically English winter’s battle which both sides will have felt they could and should have prevailed in.

This week’s edition of Achtung! Millwall includes some midweek cud chewing with our Northern correspondent John Shipman, who had the misfortune to attend the Lions 0-1 debacle on the sandpit pitch at Rochdale (now to be relaid for the aristocrats of Spurs Incidentally. Not that we’re bitter.)

The show also features post match analysis also with regular voice Harry Warren, chairman of the Ryan Tunnicliffe Fan Club and major shareholder in the Jordan Archer Appreciation Society.

Many thanks for tuning in, if you take your podcasts via Apple any reviews and ratings are much appreciated - well only if they’re good ones anyway. Save the bad ones for the private scream rage of most Millwall fans, as the chance to play Tottenham at home in the Fifth Round disappeared into the void.

And finally, huge thanks to the Southwark News for the front page coverage of little Isla Caton’s appeal, also of course for the support of the ever reliable Millwall family in achieving the £1000 target of my Walk for Isla appeal page. More donations are very welcome at:

No show next week (apologies) but Achtung! Millwall will certainly be back after the Burton Albion away game on February 24th 2018

Goodnight, Charlie Bright till then ...




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