Achtung! Millwall 181: AFC Wimbledon 0-1 Millwall 16.02.19

It’s mixed emotions on this week’s Achtung! Millwall podcast, as the Lions scuffle their way past the Wombles of AFC Wimbledon and into the quarter-finals of the oldest football competition in the world. Hurrah!

Yes, I should be more excited - and deep inside I am - but that achievement comes on the back of some very mediocre football indeed. Some will say I’m being churlish, others that I lack realism and will be the first in the queue for the big games tickets. 

And yes indeed, that will all be true. 

But equally this podcast isn’t worth a tinker’s cuss it it doesn’t call the situation as it sees it. And we have to be honest, Millwall rode their luck at times in deepest suburban Norbiton yesterday.

Anyway, the record books only ever show the scoreline and, from that perspective, it was job very much done. 

The Wembley Way is now just 90 minutes away (yet again) for us. An incredible statement when some of us spent the first 25 years of their Millwall career without even the hint of the national stadium.

So well done Neil Harris, well done the first team squad and most of all, well done the 750 travelling Lions fans yesterday. The game really is about the glory and as we play out today’s show with, it’s fundamentally about enjoying yourself. It’s always later than you think...

Arrivederci Millwall



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