Achtung! Millwall 145: Millwall 2-2 Rochdale - FAC R4 27.01.18

Founded in 1872, the FA Cup is the world’s oldest football competition and, I would argue, the father of the modern sport itself by building the concept of nationally heroic sporting deeds and glory into the consciousness of the common people. Until the rise of the FA Cup and then professional league football, sporting heroes tended to be upper class cricketers drawn from the gentry. After the FA Cup, the rise of the working class hero began. We all have much to thank it for.

So yesterday’s nine Millwall changes to the starting eleven is, though understandable in the context of a vital home game versus Derby County this coming Tuesday night, at the same time akin to wandering a stately home fallen to rack and ruin. A sad echo of glorious times gone.

Not that Rochdale will complain. They saw a chance to take the game to a Lions XI who were clearly disjointed and will feel unlucky not to have taken a result out of the fourth round cup tie. As it was, a 2-2 draw thanks to Ben Thompson at least puts us in the televised draw tomorrow night.

This week’s show includes an in-game stream of consciousness with playwright David Vaughan, who has set himself the task of portraying the Millwall fight against the weasels of Renewal and Lewisham Council as a ‘verbatim’ stage play. Also post game comment with the new Millwall double act Lucas Ball and Michael Avery. All followed up by a close out conversation with show favourite Craig Griffiths, making a welcome return after a hiatus. 

Big thank you to David, Lucas, Michael, Craig and most of all you dear listener ... arrivederci Millwall ...



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