Achtung! Millwall 79: Millwall 3-1 Shrewsbury Town 09.04.16

From zeroes to heroes, after an arid first 45 minutes, the Lions' second half performance - driven forward by the boy-genius Ben Thompson - sent 9,000 home fans out of The Den very happy indeed.

With play-off football looking the likeliest outcome, after a season where that looked unlikely indeed, who can complain?

Today's show features post match comment from show regular Charlie Mahoney, as well as some very useful advice from football specialist lawyer Alison Gurden. If you need any help or advice following an incident at a game find her contact details at - also see her Twitter feed @gurdena or via the Football Law Association @Football_Legal

A very useful website - unrelated to Alison - is also the Football Supporters Federation or @The_FSF

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