Achtung! Millwall 119: Northampton special edition

An extended show this week, covering the drama both on and off the pitch at The Den from Good Friday.

The thoughts of everyone connected with Millwall, fans, players and staff are with Antony Murphy the Millwall fan struck by what we believe was a heart attack during the course of the second half of the home match versus Northampton.

There are two appeals currently online:

The Antony Murphy appeal to help support his family during this difficult time:

An appeal in support of the Millwall matchday medical team, who performed so heroically in the East Upper seats:

The podcast will undertake further fundraising next season to support these and other good causes, including an appropriate donation to a Northampton charity to mark our thanks and respect for the fans who showed such magnificent support for the situation.

Our thoughts go to Antony’s family and strongest wishes for his... For information regarding your data privacy, visit