Achtung! Millwall 176: Millwall 1-0 Reading 26.12.18

So it’s the last show of 2018 - and indeed until mid-January dear listeners - as Achtung! Millwall takes up the European convention of a mid-Winter break.

A vacation that in all honesty can’t come quick enough after a GRIND of a performance against fellow strugglers Reading at The Den yesterday. Reduced to ten men, then nine, the Biscuitmen still managed to introduce the Lions to the sophisticated joys of passing to fellow members of their team - and eschewing the long diagonal ball to an M4 J13 equivalent of Tom Elliot. 

Anyway, a win is a win, is a win as they say - and this is indeed a results business as our manager Neil Harris has correctly identified. When a starving man finds food - or three points in our case - he doesn’t worry about whether it’s come from a Michelin starred restaurant or not...

Thank you all dear listeners for your support, comments and feedback through 2018. I hope that you continue to enjoy the podcast and indeed the Love Sport Radio show each Friday night at 9pm. Huge thanks to Love Sport Aaron, Harry, Michael, Lucas, Danielle and Sam B for their help, support and laughs.

Arrivederci Millwall - here’s to 2019.



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