Achtung! Millwall 109: Lions 3-0 Bournemouth FAC3 cup shock 07.01.17

Millwall wouldn't be Millwall if we didn't combine one of the finest performances and results in years - against a Premier League side fielding £44m worth of talent - at the same time that the local council seem set on ensuring we have to leave our home forever.

Drama? We love it.

This week's episode features match comment from Millwall's masterclass in ruthlessness over the wishy-washy Cherries at The Den. All topped off with post match comment from Charlie Mahoney and the latest on #Lewisham4 crisis from Micky of the AMS.

Huge thank you to all who are supporting our online campaign, it IS hurting the Lewisham quislings. Help us by retweeting EVERYTHING the @A_M_S_Group twitter feed is posting.

This episode is dedicated to the London Borough of Lewisham crisis management team. 'Costing the borough's taxpayers large sums for self-inflicted wounds'

Achtung! Millwall

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