Achtung! Millwall 189: Millwall 1-1 Brentford 19.04.19

What seemed like two points lost at approximately 3pm today, was arguably a crucial point gained by the time that Rotherham left Swansea empty-handed two hours later. Has Lady Luck smiled or scowled on us after a bland performance against the Bees?

Yes she's a capricious mistress, but I think she has indeed given the Lions the flutter-eyed come on, realistically just one more win (and a poor result for United) away from safety. Our saving grace may yet prove to be our substantial goal-difference. Well any port in a storm and all that ...

Thank you for tuning into this Good Friday special edition, I hope you enjoy it despite a rather helter-skelter 'knock it aht' editing regime.

Never mind the quality, feel the width ...(or lack of in Millwall's case ...)

Arrivederci Millwall



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