Achtung! Millwall 137: Millwall 3-1 Sheffield United 02.12.17

A much needed 3-1 win for the Lions yesterday over high-flying Sheffield United, serves to sweeten the sour taste of the publication of Lewisham Council's 'Dyson' report. As expected, m'lud found that the council had cleaner hands than Dr Kildare after scrubbing up on the Compulsory Purchase of our car park issue. Where this leaves the club in the light of this apparent green light for the revival of the Renewal scheme is the vital next question.

For now though we hope you enjoy the return of Jed Wallace, Mahlon Romeo and man of the match Lee Gregory on the number one Millwall podcast after a week away in the sun. Actually at the moment it is the ONLY Millwall podcast - but that is another story, for another day dear listeners...

Arrivederci Millwall


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