Achtung! Millwall 130: Millwall 1-3 Barnsley 30.09.17

Just three days on from a spirited midweek comeback against the bore specialists of Reading, the Lions contrive to turn into pussycats at home to a decently organised Barnsley side. In a nutshell we showed an all round lack of energy in a tame 1-3 home loss, that will possibly serve the longer term purpose of putting any play-off thoughts to rest for the season.

This week's show includes the usual in-game stream of consciousness plus a guest appearance of Fan on the Board Micky Simpson keeping me well Bovriled up.

Post match cud chewing includes a new voice to the show in Michael Avery, big welcome to him on his podcast debut.

Onwards dear listeners into the international break. Next show will be after the Brentford away game in two weeks' time.

Arrivederci Millwall

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