Achtung! Millwall 72: Millwall 3-0 Peterborough United 20.02.16

What a strange week to be a Millwall fan. But then, aren't they all? Whether it's a fine win up at Rochdale last weekend, a shambolic home loss to Scunthorpe on Tuesday and now an excellent home victory over a poor looking Posh, life as a Lion is never dull.

Oh and did we mention the threat to our future existence in Bermondsey, provided by the Renewal company in cahoots with Lewisham Council?

If you haven't already done it (where have you been?) please, please sign the @DefendOurDen petition on Twitter and Facebook.

Also maybe give your support to the @A_M_S_Group ? They have done some absolutely sterling work defending our club this week and they deserve everyone's support.

Join the AMS here

Thanks for tuning in - enjoy a fine win for Millwall.

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