Achtung! Millwall 93: Lewisham Scrutiny Committee SPECIAL

Bring Springsteen has his E Street band, Benny had his Jets and Josie had her Pussycats.

Lewisham Council? Well it has the 'Del Fuegos' gang of the Scrutiny Committee councillors. Who are they? Only a fearless team who turned over the stones of last week's Cabinet decision to favour the offshore Renewal company over our beloved Millwall FC's plans, that's who.

Speaking about last night's remarkable turnaround in the critically important redevelopment plans for South Bermnodsey we have two top table guests: first on is The Guardian's chief sports writer Barney Ronay (@barneyronay on Twitter.) Swiftly followed by Millwall PR spokesman David Prescott (@DavidPrescott)

The game is not yet over, but this was a big unexpected away win - all to play for next week at the Lewisham Cabinet. Back to the football on Sunday's show, till then ... enjoy.

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