Achtung! Millwall 46: Millwall 3-3 Derby County 25.04.15

Yes indeed dear friends, this is (nearly) the end ... did you ever wonder why Jim Morrison and the Doors didn’t record this is nearly the end?

Probably because it has less drama in built into the lyric one would imagine, but my word if drama’s your thing then you really should have been at The Den yesterday where we witnessed a cornucopia of thrills, spills and dramatis personae worthy of William Shakespeare himself.

Ladies and gentleman welcome to this week’s edition of Achtung! Millwall my name is Nick Hart and I am your Captain Willard taking you 75 clicks beyond the do long bridge ...

in today’s show, we feature a full review of yesterday’s apocalyptic events at The Den, at the half time break we have some midweek reviewing of the Blackburn away loss with John Shipman and then some post match cud chewing with Charlie Mahoney.

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