Achtung! Millwall 163: special edition - an interview with the DFLA

Following the interview that I conducted with Steve Turner, Assistant General Secretary of Unite a few weeks ago, on the subject of the rise of the far right in society - and in football especially, I received a contact from the Millwall Division of the Democratic Football Lads Alliance.

They asked if it might be possible to have an opportunity to reply and to outline what the DFLA is, as well as what it stands for. 

Millwall fans being what they are, the preliminary conversations were friendly but direct. 

I said up front that I would not carry any Islamophobic nor unlawful language. And interestingly, I didn’t have to because the conversation didn’t go there. Some might find that surprising, but there we are.

In fact in many ways, the discussion covered what I would term working class issues such as failures of government, local councils and what we might call the ‘establishment’. Subjects which many across the political spectrum would find common cause with.

This surprised me if I am honest. Some might find these words naive, others might say that I have been duped. But I will speak as I find.

Clearly there are areas of disagreement. I make no apology for remaining a supporter of anti-racism and trade unionism itself and please do not ask me to support the likes of Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and the others. 

The edit that you hear is an agreed version, deleting traditional style swearing, off topic subjects which were not relevant (such as Trump) and heated sections where too many voices were speaking at once.

Whether you agree or disagree with the DFLA, this remains an interesting conversation in my opinion. Indeed it raises challenges for the Labour Party, the other mainstream political parties and the trade union movement generally I feel.

Arrivederci Millwall


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