Achtung! Millwall 166 Millwall 1-1 Leeds United 15.09.18

Another week, another late relinquishment of three points by the Lions. This time against Leeds, who managed to conquer their fear and do it anyway by prizing an 87th daisy cutter equaliser following Jed Wallace’s 55th minute opener.

Frustrating yes, but are we downcast? Not yet we’re not. But we are reserving rights on that if we don’t start creating more chances. Millwall’s manic last four minutes of injury time showed the way forward when we deserved better than to hit the woodwork and go very close to snatching a result.

As ever, please enjoy your live stream of consciousness responsibly. This edition does contain adult themes and references to the criminal Jimmy Saville from the very start - well it’s a Millwall - Leeds fixture isn’t it?

Tune into Love Sport Radio next Friday night at 9pm, the podcast returns next Sunday in all its ragged glory. 

Arrivederci Millwall



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