Can our high streets be saved?

Find out how community businesses are breathing life into high streets left behind by big chains. We talk to Homebaked – a community-run bakery in Anfield, as well as Vidhya Alakeson and Sir John Timpson about their work on the government’s panel on the future of the great British high street.

Show Notes

Power to Change’s CEO, Vidhya Alakeson has recently written a blog in response to an announcement in the autumn budget for further support to save our high streets. Vidhya outlines the role community business could play in revitalising and repurposing high streets. You can read the full blog on the Power to Change website.

If you want to find out more about Homebaked, you can read the case study on the Power to Change website.

If you’re interested in the impact Power to Change is having in local areas, you can read our latest impact report. The report draws together evidence from the first three years of research and analysis to provide a baseline picture of both Power to Change’s impact on its grantees and the wider community business marketplace.

Are you a community business leader or spearheading a community initiative in your local area? We understand that doing so can take its toll on your mental health and wellbeing. That’s why we are planning a podcast episode in the new year to give you tips on avoiding burnout. Get in touch with your stories, tips and advice by 16 November to be featured in the episode.

We are also looking for personal Christmas recipes, cooking tips and community Christmas ideas – to use in a PR campaign on the important role community kitchens play in bringing people together at Christmas. So, if you cook a mean turkey or the world’s best pigs in blankets then we want to hear from you. Get in touch with Jonathan or Laura at BJL by e-mailing or

Power to Change has also recently launched its new Community Energy Programme. The Next Generation Fund will make £100,000 available to ten community groups to work on new business models for community energy in their area. If this sounds of interest, register for our 45 min webinar on 20 November.

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