Coffee, cakes and big career breaks

Café INDIEpendent is not only a great place to grab a coffee in Scunthorpe, it is helping to tackle social isolation and providing training opportunities for young people. Find out how they do it and get some top tips on setting up a community café from Buzz Lockleaze in Bristol.

Show Notes

You can read the full case study on Café INDIEpendent as well as other case studies on community businesses and the impact they are having on the Power to Change website.

The Power to Change Research Institute has produced a Success Guide for Community Café. Have a read to get a useful insight into growing your community café and making it sustainable.

Power to Change recently attended the People’s Powerhouse Conference in Bradford to help make a case for the role of community business in the Northern Powerhouse. Read our blog on the event.

Power to Change is offering 20 fully-funded places on Stir to Action’s New Economy Programme. Find out more and how to apply.

If you’re starting a community business venture, you can find useful resources ( and research ( on the Power to Change website including a Guide to Community Asset Transfer (, a report on the role of community business in providing health and wellbeing services (, and Research on Factors that contribute towards community business success ( You can also read our latest report on Community Business in 2030, which outlines eight significant shifts needed for community business to flourish in the future (

Find out about Events going on in the community business sector also on our website (, including the upcoming Losing Control Conference from the Social Change Agency ( and the Looking After Ourselves Online Workshop from Eden Project Communities (

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