Caught Off Guard Season 2 Trailer

Launching Oct 28th, Caught Off Guard is back for another season! This is the podcast where no topic is off limits and where I ask all the questions we really want to know the answers to, including what's in your wallet?! If you listened to season 1, you can expect even more raw honest life experiences, candid convo and priceless gems of wisdom (and if you haven't listened you can still get caught up before the new season starts). Here's a sneak peek of some of the conversations we'll be having this season with some phenomenal and iconic guests. Get ready to be Caught Off Guard! Please subscribe so you don't miss an episode. Rate and review and if you like what you hear - tell a friend to tell a friend! #CaughtOffGuardPod @PatriciaBright @TheBreakSocial

Caught Off Guard presented by The Break Platform is an independent podcast

Created and hosted by Patricia Bright

Executive Producer and Producer Clarissa Pabi


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