Stuff the British Stole, The Trojan Horse Affair, You Are Good

Liz Recommends - Stuff the British Stole

Throughout its reign, the British Empire stole a lot of stuff. Today those objects are housed in genteel institutions across the UK and the world. They usually come with polite plaques. This is a series about the not-so-polite history behind those objects.

Each episode, award-winning journalist, author and genetic-potluck, Marc Fennell, picks one artefact and takes you on the wild, evocative, sometimes funny, often tragic adventure of how it got to where it is today.

These objects will ultimately help us see the Commonwealth — and ourselves — today, in a different light.

Nick Recommends - The Trojan Horse Affair

A strange letter appears on a city councillor’s desk in Birmingham, England, laying out an elaborate plot by Islamic extremists to infiltrate the city’s schools. The plot has a code name: Operation Trojan Horse. The story soon explodes in the news and kicks off a national panic. By the time it all dies down, the government has launched multiple investigations, beefed up the country’s counterterrorism policy, revamped schools and banned people from education for the rest of their lives.

To Hamza Syed, who is watching the scandal unfold in his city, the whole thing seemed … off. Because through all the official inquiries and heated speeches in Parliament, no one has ever bothered to answer a basic question: Who wrote the letter? And why? The night before Hamza is to start journalism school, he has a chance meeting in Birmingham with the reporter Brian Reed, the host of the hit podcast S-Town. Together they team up to investigate: Who wrote the Trojan Horse letter? They quickly discover that it’s a question people in power do not want them asking.

Zane Recommends - You Are Good

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Sarah Marshall and Alex Steed have always struggled to succinctly express just what their podcast is about. Until recently it was called Why Are Dads? and professed to explore films via the lens of their father figures. They stuck to this conceit for a little while — albeit with frequent, entertaining digressions — but soon a drift started to occur. The show started in August of 2020, and by the winter it wasn’t uncommon that episodes would spend far more time on other areas than they did on fathers. By the spring, the digressions had completely overwhelmed the dads. Acknowledging that their focus had changed, this May the pair announced that they were changing the name to You Are Good (a reference to a touching scene of affirmation in Mel Brooks’s Young Frankenstein that they’d discussed on an earlier episode).

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