No Place But The Water, Unleaded, Water Women

Liz Recommends - No Place But The Water

9 eps between 10 and 20 minutes each

A family runs a hotel at the edge of the water. But the food is running out and the water keeps rising.

When there is no place but the water, where do you go?

A drama series set in the future flooded world. Written by Linda Marshall Griffiths

Nick Recommends - Unleaded (An Episode of America Dissected)

The Flint Water Crisis dominated national headlines when it emerged in 2016—focusing national attention on the hazards of lead poisoning. Newark, New Jersey is facing a similar crisis today. But Flint and Newark are only the tip of the iceberg of an epidemic of lead poisoning facing urban communities across the country. Dr. Abdul El-Sayed visits Flint to speak with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, the pediatrician and researcher who uncovered the Water Crisis to understand how Flint’s history shaped the government failures that led to the crisis—and how distrust can devastate public health for poor, marginalized communities all across the United States.

Zane Recommends - Water Women

A podcast for and about women involved in the oceans in some way, ocean sciences, ocean lifestyle, all of it! If you're a fan of the oceans, listen in every week for something new about ocean life!

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