Motel Evil, Art Breaker, The Doodler

Liz Recommends - Motel Evil

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Show that brands itself “theatre for the mind”.

In the remote reaches of Alaska where the sun doesn’t rise 65 days of the year, two unsolved murders occurred exactly 10 years apart in the same motel room. On the next anniversary a true crime enthusiast, Henry, suffers the same fate. Now the guests, all with their own secrets to hide, must remain in the motel until Detective Read gets answers….who is the Rockyville Motel murderer?

Nick Recommends - Art Breaker

These are climactic times; the Climate Crisis, the Biodiversity Crisis, Sixth Mass Extinction... The Anthropocene. So how is this affecting the art we're making in our society, and how can that art be part of a response, or even a solution? Join us as we explore music, prose, poetry, visual art and more, and learn how the art we love is made, and why.

Zane Recommends - The Doodler

#truecrime #produced #journalism

The Golden State Killer. The Unabomber. Ted Bundy. You’re probably familiar with these serial killers. But in the mid-1970s, another monster terrorized San Francisco’s gay community. He was coined “The Doodler,” and he may have been responsible for as many victims as the Zodiac Killer, yet you’ve probably never heard of him. Plagued by a complicated investigation, a frightened public, and the hesitation of many to come forward, the case went cold, and a killer walked free. Nearly 50 years later, a renewed hunt for a forgotten serial killer seeks to change that.

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