The Bystanders, Hong Kong Silenced, Everything Everywhere

Liz Recommends: The Bystanders

One rainy night, Bunny Bell Pasht is stabbed to death in the courtyard of her apartment while her neighbors watch… and do nothing. Or did they?

Kristin Chenoweth - Bunny Bell Pasht

Jane Lynch - Narrator

Oscar Nuñez - Phil Absconder

Ki Hong Lee - Kyle Shyttles

Ed Westwick - Rick the Killer

Michael Hitchcock - Lou Louie

Jaclyn Hales - Lexi Hades

Matt Mattson - Tim Hades

Ash Lendzion - Sara Fatbottom

Karen Huie - Fan He

Jim Lau - Hop He

Machete Bang Bang - Pasta

Victoria Atkin - Rebexa

J. Michael Trautmann - Dale

Co-written, Produced, and Directed by Jaclyn Hales and Ash Lendzion

Nick Recommends - Hong Kong Silenced

Mass arrests. Newspaper raids. Banned protests. Activists fleeing into exile. A curriculum designed to brainwash. The Telegraph’s award-winning China Correspondent Sophia Yan tells the inside story of how life in Hong Kong was turned upside down in just one year.

Zane Recommends - Everything Everywhere

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