Bad Vibes, Strawberry Spring, Knifepoint Horror

Liz Recommends - Bad Vibes

The ultimate horror anthology for the ears.

Hello there, my frightful friend. It’s your old pal Mr. Boogey (Justin McElroy). I’m so glad you stopped by. Every week I will tell you a story in exchange for your fear. For dread and terror is the sweet, sweet, sustenance I crave and I am very hungry. Each weekly tale is more chilling than the next and as always I will be there to lead you in and out of the darkness. So take a break and join me won’t you? I promise you won’t live to regret it :). Tah-tah.

Nick Recommends - Strawberry Spring

Based on the short story by Stephen King, Strawberry Spring is a scripted podcast set against the backdrop of the sixties revolution on the campus of New Sharon College. We follow a generation of students who don't trust authority, the futile efforts of the local police, and a young, determined reporter as he chases the bloody trail of Springheel Jack, an unrelenting, modern-day Jack the Ripper. After vanishing and leaving his murders unsolved, Jack is back - along with a new Strawberry Spring, a weather pattern with an unusual fog bank

Zane Recommends - Knifepoint Horror

Tales of supernatural suspense written and produced by Soren Narnia. For sheer chills-around-the-campfire-style storytelling, nothing beats Knifepoint, an intermittent anthology podcast where each episode features a weary-voiced narrator telling a standalone, first-person story that inevitably builds from ominous dread into an all-consuming horror fest.

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