🇩🇰 Canary Call #60 : Travelling in consciousness with Patricia Plesner, CEO of EcoHotels.com

The 60th episode is the first episode in English. This will be the first in a series dedicated to sharing international experiences. Let's start with some pioneering initiatives from the Scandinavian countries, and since we want to explore the world, let's start with the travel industry. The climate crisis leads us to reinvent many things, including our way of travelling. Travelling is a guilt trip and a paradox in this context. 


Patricia Plesner, who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, joined EcoHotels.com in April 2020 as the project manager, and later became the CEO. Whilst building EcoHotels.com (pending BCorp company) up to what it is today, she finished her Masters in Business and Management at Copenhagen Business School. She believes that tourism, one of the world´s largest industries, has the potential to be a role model, bringing new initiatives as well as connectivity to the world. EcoHotels.com only represents and cooperates with hotels that are committed to sustainability and have trustworthy certifications to prove it.


Patricia’s career path is very inspiring for professionals wanting to change careers as well as for students reflecting on their career paths. She shares with us how she works on aligning her personal convictions with her job and contributing to the ecological and solidarity transition directly in her professional activity. 


The closing words in music are evocative :” Hey Jude….Take a sad song and make it better”

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